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What is Narcissistic Personality Disorder?

Communication Problems 1

Diagnosing NPD – What the Manuals Say

What do the Diagnostic Criteria Actually Mean?

When Your Mother has NPD

Passive-Aggressive Behaviour

Gifts with Strings Attached


NPD MIL – Spouses Making Progress

How to Manage a Narcissistic MIL Part 1

How to Manage a Narcissistic MIL Part 2

How NOT to Manage a Narcissistic MIL

Mother Knows Best

Inappropriate Gifts

Narcissistic MIL and Grandchildren Part 1

Denial and Your Spouse

Attachment Theory and Your Spouse

Narcissistic Grandmothers and Abusive Behaviour

Managing a Narcissistic Grandmother

Low Contact or No Contact

Spouses and Family Roles

Parentification and Your Spouse


Denial and the Cassandra Complex


The Fear of Feelings

Are We Enablers?

Grandparent Grooming 1 – What it Looks Like

Grandparent Grooming 2 – How to Fight it

Just Not There: The Emotionally Unavailable Spouse

So You Survived Christmas


Lies, Damn Lies and Delusion

Defence Mechanisms


Hot Potato – How to Offload Difficult Emotions